Alex the Dragon Trainer

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In this episode we bring Alex’s story, Alex the Dragon Trainer – to life.

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Read along to Alex the Dragon Trainer

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video

The kingdom of Aurelina was the richest in the realm.  It flourished thanks to the magical crystal orb of Aurelina which stood on a golden stand – its powers protected the people and the land and it was guarded night and day of course.  Alex, our main character lived in Aurelina and spent his time training and playing with his dragons.  Dragons could be stubborn, so Alex had to be the sort of kid who didn’t give up easily, but he loved his dragonny pals. 

No one else felt the same about Alex’s dragons though – in fact they thought they, and Alex were, well… a bit of a joke. 

“Still playing with those fleabitten old lizards” jeered one villager. 

Pyra, one of his dragons who was very good at snorting fire puffed a peevish lick of flame out of her snout. 

““Ha!  You couldn’t light a birthday cake candle with that!”  

Alex knew that Pyra could have lit up the gentleman in question quite nicely but that she was too polite. 

“And old Burrowclaw – digging for bones are you?” 

Burrowclaw who had very good claws had in fact been digging for bones but there was no need to be so mean about it. 

“And Sirena – I mean what’s the use of a sea dragon in the middle of the driest desert on the planet!” 

So you get the idea. There was one more dragon in fact, a very little sparrow dragon called John.  He was so small and shy, and actually pretty cute but to be honest, he was a bit of a scaredy-cat – or should that be scaredy dragon, and hid in the shadows so much it was easy to forget he was there. 

But one bright summer’s day, dragons were the last thing on anyone’s mind.  A thunderous storm had sprung up and lightning flared – the evil sorcerer Malazar the Shadow Weaver swooped down with his army of dark knights, defeating the guards and SNATCHED the Magical Crystal Aurelina Orb – his voice boomed out… 

“You will wither and die until you vow to serve ME!  I shall be your ruler, the ORB is MINE!” 

Then he did a massive evil laugh like baddies always do.  You can join in on this bit – ready? 


That was very good..  Well done. Anyway.  So the orb had gone.  The villagers were scared. 

“Away from the light it will lose its powers and the whole kingdom will perish!” 

It was said it was hidden in the depths of the Temple of Gods – an enormous structure with caverns and tunnels and strange gates and traps.  No one who had ever gone in had ever come out. 

Sure enough with the passing days the clouds gathered, and the sun weakened.  The crops began to fail and the people gathered shivering in their homes. 

“All is lost!” They wailed.  They thought there must be no other choice than to do as Malazar said and accept him as their new terrible ruler. 

But one person hadn’t given up. Like I said dragons can be pretty stubborn and if you just gave up you wouldn’t even get them to sit up and beg.  It was Alex.  

“We have to at least try to get the orb!” he said with determination.  He was fed up with everyone thinking he and his dragons were useless.  “Come on – let’s SHOW them!” 

The dragons eagerly roused themselves and jumping on Burrowclaw’s back they were off!  

Inside the temple it was gloomy and cold – Pyra blew fire to light the way and Alex saw three mystical gates, each representing an element: Earth, Water, and Fire. 

Gulping, Alex stepped forward.  “Come on Let’s go!” 

At the Earth Gate they found themselves trapped in a labyrinth of moving walls. As they tried to move forward the walls creaked and shifted and tried to squash them at every turn.  “Burrowclaw – get digging!” shouted Alex and the dragon began to tunnel underneath the labyrinth – and they threw themselves down and down then up – and they were free! 

Next the water gate.  Stepping through they were faced with a fierce whirlpool.  

“Serina!  Help us!”  

And Serina blew a protective water bubble big enough for all of them – and they were through! 

The Fire Gate was a blazing inferno but. Pyra, created a path of cooled lava, allowing them safe passage.   

They had done it!  They were in the deepest depths of the temple.  In the damp cavern they saw a glimmering light. 

“It’s the ORB!” 


There was a flash of light and Malazar appeared – blocking their way holding his magic staff – with a SWISH and a POW he cast it and Alex, Pyra, Burrowclaw and Sirena were frozen!  His pointed staff fixed them to the floor and they couldn’t move a muscle or a wing. 

“BWAHA HAHAHAHAH!” Laughed Malazar – “You thought you could get past me!  The orb is mine now – your people must all worship me if you want to see a glimmer of its light ever again”.  Frozen and terrified Alex thought it was all over – after they’d tried so hard. 

But. There was another dragon.  One who often got forgotten about.  John, the sparrowdragon was so small and quiet he had been hidden in the shadows unseen.  He was a scaredy cat – or a scaredy dragon but he knew he had to do something,  Gathering up all his courage he flew at the sorcerer like a demented bat!  

“What the…. Gerrofff”!  spluttered Malazar waving his hand around.  But it was no good.  John was just to fast and could barely be seen in the dark.  He swooped and pecked and managed quite a good few puffs of smoke that got in his eyes.  Clawing at his face Malazar dropped the staff which clattered to the ground, its glow ebbing away. 

The spell was broken – with John still pecking and swooping Alex ran forward, and grabbed the orb – and then leaping to Burrowclaws back, they FLEW out of the temple – Pyra sending clouds of flames in their wake which made the temple walls crumble – Malazar the Shadow Weaver would now be forever trapped in the shadowy ruins! And they were free and out into the sunshine. 

And the orb, now out in the light regained its powers and the sun began to stream down onto the villagers and people came out of their houses curiously, and began to cheer as Alex and his dragons landed gently on the ground. 

“You’ve saved us all! How can we ever repay you!” 

Alex shrugged.  “Just… be nicer to my dragons maybe?  Without them we’d be bowing down to old manky Malazar. 

And that’s what happened.  From then on people were much kinder to Burrowclaw, Pyra and Sirena – and little John the sparrowdragon.  John was now, occasionally now seen out of the shadows, perched happily on Alex’s shoulder, even if he was still a bit of a scaredy-cat – or should that be scaredy dragon – what do you think? 

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