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In this episode we bring Ember’s story, Hoverboard Adventures – to life.

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Thank you to ALBA who created the character DELILAH THE CHEETAH! Using the Story quest character creator! Thank you ALBA for creating such an excellent cheetah for Ember’s Story! Great Storyquest Teamwork! You can create YOUR own Storyquest characters on the Funkids website! Just go to funkidslive.com/storyquest – and use our special Storyquest Character Creator – and your character could appear in someone’s story! And now over to our Storymaster for this week! EMBER! 

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Read along to Hoverboard Adventures!


In the heart of the vity, a daring heist was unfolding at the Bank!  

A notorious thief named Jack and his cunning gang were organising a daring robbery, hoping to steal millions of pounds worth of gold from the vaults.  

Jack is a man with a reputation for being evil, ruthless and very very sneaky, but if you ever meet him you’ll see his most prized possession – a huge Bengal tiger named Delilah. 

Delilah is a magnificent orange tiger with piercing emerald eyes and a very recognisable stripy coat. She was not merely a pet but a formidable accomplice.  

Jack had trained Delilah to be as agile and cunning as he was, and together they had pulled off countless heists, leaving a trail of fear and chaos in their wake. 

As alarms blared and panic raced through the public, they hoped for ahero or two that could sweep in and save the day!  

They were in luck! In the city lived two adventurous kids named Nell and Denise who were totally inseparable. They spent their days exploring the city’s hidden corners, their imaginations running wild with every new discovery. 

One sunny afternoon, while rummaging through Nell’s grandfather’s attic, they stumbled upon an extraordinary invention – a hoverboard! 

Without hesitation, they decided to take the hoverboard for a spin.  

It wasn’t long before they were experts on the hoverboard!  

So when they heard to alarms blaring from the bank, they knew they would have to fly over and see if they could help. They strapped on their helmets, hopped on, and with a whoosh, they were soaring through the air. 

These two young heroes, soared through the sky on their hoverboard, ready to foil the audacious robbery.  

Nell, with her unwavering bravery and quick reflexes, maneuverered the hoverboard with expert precision, dodging Jack and his goons as they hit out at them. While distracting them, Denise had snuck into the bank to see if she could infiltrate the security system and lock all the safes! 

Denise, a master of technology and strategy, managed to hack into the bank’s security system, but instead of locking the safes, to keep the robbers out, she accidentally locked the gang INSIDE the safe ruining their escape plan and leaving them stranded. 

Jack, enraged by their interference, unleashed his secret weapon – a high-powered radar device capable of disabling all electronic devices in its vicinity.  

With a sinister grin, he activated the device, sending a surge of electromagnetic energy that threatened to plunge the entire city into darkness, deactivate the locks and let the gang run out of the bank with all the money! 

Somehow Nells and Denise’s amazing hoverboard wasn’t affected. Although they were both confused, they couldn’t have been more relieved. It is clearly more futuristic then they first thought.  

With the city plunged into darkness, and the robbers on the loose again, Nell and Denise used their hoverboard’s sensors to track Jack and his gang as they made their way through the labyrinth streets of the city.  

The hoverboard’s silent operation gave them an advantage, allowing them to move undetected through the chaos of the blackout. 

As they closed in on Jack, Nell and Denise activated the hoverboard’s headlights, illuminating the thieves’ path.  

Jack, was blinded!  

Caught off guard by the sudden burst of light, stumbled into Delilah and stood on her tail! He lost his footing and went flying with all the money bags! They were sent scattering across the street. Money flew everywhere! The onlookers were delighted! 

Before Nell and Denise could swoop down to retrieve the bags, Delilah sprang into action. With a ferocious roar, she leaped onto the hoverboard, knocking Nell off balance.  

Denise, caught off guard by the tiger’s appearance, struggled to maintain control of the hoverboard. 

A fierce battle ensued, with Nell and Denise fighting valiantly against Delilah’s raw Tiger power. The hoverboard became a wrestling ring, with everyone looking up at the boys trying to fight off a huge tiger! 

In the midst of the chaos, Nell managed to regain her footing and launch a daring attack. She lunged at Delilah, grabbing hold of her powerful jaws and wrestled her off the hoverboard and to the ground.  

Denise, while everyone was distracted by the falling tiger, used her technological skills to disable Jack’s radar device, restoring power to the city and revealing Jack lying face up on the ground looking totally astonished at the battel that just took pace. 

With Delilah in shock from her fall, acting all shy and kitten like, and Jack apprehended by the police, Nell and Denise emerged victorious, their bravery and resourcefulness saving the day.  

They were named the Hoverboard Heroes, and instructed to look after the city no matter what might happen next! 

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