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Top 10 Facts About New Year’s Resolutions

Ever wondered how to make your new years resolutions last all year?

1. The tradition has ancient origins!

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The making of resolutions at the start of a new year dates back to ancient Babylonians around 4,000 years ago.

They would promise their gods to pay debts they owed and return borrowed objects in the coming year.

2. It’s more common than you think!

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Around 40% of people worldwide make New Year’s resolutions, although intentions vary across cultures.

In Japan, the focus is on self-improvement and personal growth, while in some African countries, resolutions often involve community based.

3. Mental Motivation!

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Making new years resolutions can help create “Fresh Start” effect.

The new year can provide a powerful psychological boost, increasing motivation and commitment to change.

This phenomenon is known as the “fresh start effect.”

4. Being specific matters!

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Vague resolutions like “get healthy” are less likely to succeed than specific, measurable goals like “run three times a week” or “cook five plant-based meals per week.”

Being specific helps keep track of progress and means you’re more likely to succeed in your goals!

5. The smaller the better!

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Focusing on small, achievable steps instead of big changes is known to be more effective.

Breaking down resolutions into manageable daily or weekly tasks makes them less daunting and increases the chances of sticking with them all year!

6. Helping each other helps!

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Sharing your resolutions with friends, family, or communities can help each other stick to them and provide encouragement.

Having a support system can help you overcome challenges and celebrate milestones together.

7. It’s okay to adjust your goals as you go!

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Sometimes unforeseen circumstances might require modifying your resolutions so you can keep them going.

Don’t worry if you have to make changes!

Better to change them then to give up on them.

8. Not just for January!

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While January 1st is the traditional starting point, you can make resolutions at any time during the year.

Choose a date that feels personally significant, maybe a birthday or a celebration!

Use the momentum of a fresh start to get you going!

9. Celebrate progress!

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Make sure to celebrate your progress as you go!

Don’t just celebrate the final outcome!

Every step towards your goal is a victory, and acknowledging your achievements fuels continued motivation.

10. Failure should boost you forward!

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Don’t let setbacks define you.

If you stumble, pick yourself up, learn from the experience, and adjust your approach.

You’ve got this!

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Top 10 Facts

From the Tudors to rocks to fish, we have all the best facts right here!

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