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What are Kinks? How to use Kinks?

Speaking of sex and yellowness, sometimes you want to experience something other than vanilla. Enter the wonderful and vast world of kinks! While this may seem like a niche thing, sex science shows that more than 50% of Americans prefer some form of perversion or what they call rough sex. This is far more common than we think.

Right now, it’s good to know that kinks don’t have to be as strong as whips, chains, leather, or tying and hanging with elaborate rope; they can be something more innocuous and innocuous, like cosplay.

Bringing some twisted sexuality into the bedroom may be a way to increase sexual satisfaction. Sex (especially in long-term relationships) can be a behavior that can get a little corny, too “normal” and not really edgy. To keep your bedroom activities spicy and exciting, maybe it’s time to fantasize between the sheets!

What is a kink?

Perversion is defined as a sexual preference that exceeds what society considers “normal”. As you might imagine, this means defining what is and isn’t a kink is somewhat subjective. After all, what does the word normal actually mean? There are two words “norm” in it, which can explain the problem very well. It’s just a matter of cultural identity, so to speak.

A prosaic definition of what “normal” sex means is like missionary sex, just for procreation. By contrast, kinks are preferences, meaning they are attractive and exciting for sexual play, not a necessity for sexual arousal (though they are certainly helpful!).

Again, you might think quirks are a bit rare, but that’s far from the truth. In Gigi Engel’s words, “Any kind of lewd sexuality still has a strange, critical haze over it. Even asking ‘what is a fetish?’ “The idea. It’s taboo. People tend to think that people who engage in abnormal sex are perverts, which is quite different from ‘normal’ people who have completely ‘normal’ sex.” But the truth is that millions of people are In trouble, maybe you have too!

It is also important to emphasize that eccentricity is different from fetishes. So, what’s the difference between a kink and a fetish? Well, fetishes are usually associated with sexual attraction to body parts, so people may have foot fetishes, or more specifically, foot fetishes. For them, sex games involving feet or toes are very erotic and a huge thrill. Most sexologists assert that a fetish extends to the sexual needs of the person who has it, meaning that if they don’t activate some part of their fetish, it’s hard for the person to wake up.

Kinks develop and manifest for a variety of reasons. If you are concerned that you or your sexual partner have a quirk/fetish that will cause them pain or harm, check the following questions:

Does kink/fetish activity really cause them long-term harm or endanger their health in any way? Does the kink/fetish always make them feel bad instead of good?

Does the quirk/fetish impair their ability to function normally and healthily in everyday life, or disrupt/challenge other parts of their life?

Do eccentric/fetish practices put people other than yourself at risk?

Are kinks/fetishes legal?

Distortion can be a mechanism for coping with difficult experiences or a way to release stress from a challenging life. If someone you know engages in some eccentricity that disgusts you but is not harmful to yourself/others, then the experience is theirs and is essentially private.

Changing someone’s sexuality and behavior is the task of that person and a professional therapist. Getting entangled with a sexual fetish is very personal, and trying to change someone’s personality and sexuality without their support can create a deep sense of exclusion.

6 questions you need to know

A point that should be mentioned before we delve into sexual kink debauchery is that these definitions and explanations are incomplete, the concepts are not set in stone and (say) one person/couple will interpret things like age games differently than another .

In addition to this, sometimes some of the most common fetish or kink elements are also included in other elements. The age game dynamics between partners can also play a power game to some extent. The person playing the adult role is the main partner and has power over the “little partner”. go ahead!

sexual assault

BDSM itself is a category involving consent, boundaries and constraints. Not necessarily sexuality, but to the extent we’re discussing it here, we’re talking about sex.

The word BDSM itself is a bit of a mouthful. Depending on where you look, it’s defined as [BDSM], which means bondage, submission; B[DS]M, which means domination and submission; or BD[SM], which means sadism and masochism or sadistic masochism .

All these fancy words mean that people with BDSM like to put some kind of game of thrones element into the mix. Sometimes it appears as belts, ties, handcuffs, sometimes as whips, chains and blindfolds. Some people really don’t like to be in control of other people’s experiences, or are completely out of control and at the mercy of others.

Done right, BDSM is both an intense and caring practice, where each participant has the opportunity to limit the scope of their experience in ever-changing ways. If you’re interested in bringing BDSM into your bedroom via kinkyboo, it’s important to discuss your comfort and limitations before using wristbands and eye masks. You also want to build a simple system for quick check-ins to keep getting enthusiastic consent.

If you live in a mid-sized city, there is probably at least one small BDSM kink community in your area. These spaces can help you gain the necessary knowledge to practice BDSM safely, and you can even find a gaming buddy in them! Good places to find quirky communities include social media network Fetlife. praise kink

If you’ve ever had a sad and good feeling when that special someone you like told you that you did a great job, then you probably just had a compliment. The compliment kink is exactly what it sounds like: an obsession focused on open and frequent positive verbal comments and feelings. The act of giving or receiving a compliment can be particularly satisfying for both parties and can be the driving force behind the other’s orgasm.

The compliment quirk usually consists of a partner who likes to give compliments and a partner who likes to receive compliments. Sometimes a well-timed “OK [boy, girl, BAE, synonym for any gender]” is all the inspiration needed to get over the edge of an orgasm.

Degenerate kink

It’s almost the opposite of praising the kink. If you have regressive quirks, you will derive pleasure and satisfaction from giving or receiving degrading comments, gestures, and actions. This may manifest as a desire to be punished as a prelude to sex.

When it comes to the quirks of regression, sex researchers and others agree that open communication is essential, and you should be very specific. Here’s a sex expert’s response to a man wondering how to deal with his girlfriend’s depravity:

“Open communication is critical. This is because submissive people may desire certain types of sexual degeneration, but disagree with other forms of abuse. Dirty Sluts, for example, may be stimulating, but Fat Pigs are seen as abusive. Or you might agree, for example, to be verbally demeaned when tied up, but not pinned or beaten. She might want you to ignore her, tell her she’s shit, but she doesn’t agree with you in her presence facial ejaculation.”

At times, sex games may contain elements that celebrate both kinks and degenerate kinks, for example, leading from lows to highs in a BDSM scene. There are also many worksheets to help you and one or more partners prepare for “scenarios,” another word for sexual encounters.

age game

Age is a dynamic, a person or partner plays in a state of innocence sometimes referred to as Little. Clearly, this trend is not about gendering minors. Everyone who participates in the age game should be an adult and identify with the age. Not everyone involved in the age game sexualizes this experience. For some, being able to return to a more pure state after being a working cog in a 9-to-5 work machine is healing, relaxation, or a breath of fresh air.

In the words of the queer community INTO, “Kids are age players, a subgroup of BDSM practitioners/leather fetishes who center their lives and relationships on childlike joy, wonder, and play.” Likewise , this dynamic doesn’t have to be gendered, but it can. “The age game can be sexual or non-sexual. It can be sweet and rooted in caring or dark, depending on the sexual preferences/entanglements of the individuals involved,” INTO said. If you know a young boy and would like to have a romantic relationship with them, check their relationship with the little boy, as having to protect innocent parts of yourself from outside influences can be traumatic and painful, especially when there are no special needs and where required.

In the age game, you can also play the role of mother/father/caretaker. Sometimes it involves caregivers dressing their children in teenage clothes and doting on them.

  role play

It would be fun to play someone else during sex! This tangle plays out to varying degrees in age games and BDSM. The truth is, getting out of yourself and being able to play different roles can be exciting and relaxing. Maybe your booing is your teacher, but you’re a student who needs to improve grades. You can do anything – anything – to get a. )


For some people, anal sex may seem normal, not even perverted. But anal sex is still illegal in 16 states in the US alone. (If that sounds ridiculous to you, you’re not alone! So, it’s enough to go beyond what society calls the “norm.” For many, it’s a quirk.

Depending on the anatomical equipment you bring your partner, anal sex may seem a little ridiculous to some. There might be a cat next door. In short, what’s the allure of stuffing things up your ass?

In fact, anal sex is a fairly common problem. One of the benefits of anal sex is that it is a sexual act that anyone who identifies with any gender and sexual orientation can engage in. There’s a trophy for everyone, and a lot of joy even if some of the interior locations are different. For example, someone with a penis can experience complete sexual pleasure from prostate stimulation, while someone with a vagina can combine anal stimulation with clitoral or vaginal play, entering a state of sensory overload.

For some, part of the appeal is that anal sex seems wrong or taboo, especially in Western culture. But this kind of cute booty sex has been around for much longer than right and wrong in modern society, so if you want to stick something on your ass or someone else’s with sex toys or very penis body parts, please . – Passionately agree with both sides, and lubricate with lubricating oil.

group partner

Have you ever thought that your libido would amplify with more body? Group sex may just be one of your passions!

There are healthy and unhealthy manifestations of this entanglement. An unhealthy dynamic is those who engage in unicorn hunting. This is usually when heterosexual couples want to bring in additional sexual partners (almost always female) to form a triple. But low-key they really just want the other person to act as a sex toy, without really taking into account that person’s autonomy and feelings. There are absolutely healthy ways to let others into your relationship, but you have to respect how you do it. Another common example of group interaction is carnivals and swings. Group sex doesn’t always mean having sex with multiple people at the same time. Sometimes it can be pure voyeurism. For example, it might have you and your partner having sex in the same room as another couple, so you can hear, see, and build on the sexual energy that each brings to the space.

If you’re having group sex or planning to let more sexual partners into your life, make sure you stay up late for a sexual health test. Being as safe as possible is obviously very important for everyone attending a shared event like a gaming party, and STI testing is one of them.

If you plan to use adult sex toys in the above group activities, make sure you can clean and protect your toys between your partners. This might mean that you can also wear condoms over sex toys, or be prepared to wash and sanitize the seat belts between partners, so everyone can enjoy the safe and sexy stuff they love.

Want to know more about kinks? There are many ways to do this. For example, author and activist Roseanne Gay has written extensively on the subject in a beautiful and inclusive way. It’s important to remember that abnormal sexual behavior can be a normal and healthy sexual expression of what you are and want.

There’s really no limit to how high or deep you and your partner can go, as long as all parties involved enthusiastically agree to show up. Torsion is very personal. In general, if yours doesn’t hurt anyone, let your monster flag fly!

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