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Silicone lubricating oil

Silicone lubricants are gaining popularity in the sex toys segment because they last much longer than many other types of lubricants, especially water-based lubricants. If you’re looking for lube for your sex marathon (hey, I’m not judging your libido list), silicone might be a good choice.

Silicone-based lubricants generally feel thicker, slippery, and more resistant to water than water-based lubricants. Sadly, that means they will also spend more effort cleaning up. They are also known for staining sheets, clothing, furniture and hardwood floors. You can think about it!

Another important thing about it is that it should not be used with silicone toys. The silicone in the lubricating oil acts as an abrasive for silicone toys, making the surface feel sticky and unsafe to use. This can also happen with toys made of other rubber materials such as TPE and PVC. But it is completely suitable for toys made of glass, metal, hard plastic (ABS), and condoms are also safe.

Our Pick: Coconut Coconut Oil Lube

Oil-Based Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants vary widely, from vegetable oils like coconut or sunflower oil, to mineral oils, to pure petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Many people like them because they are slippery to the touch and durable.

They’re very waterproof, but like you’re trying to wash oil off your hands, they’re hard to remove. However, on the positive side, they can feel very nourishing to your skin! This makes them ideal for sensual massage. Try to keep it away from your sheets and clothes!

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about oil-based lube is that it doesn’t mix well with condoms. Oil breaks down and dissolves the latex in condoms and cervical caps, causing them to rupture, so they should be avoided when using these birth control pills. Oil-based lubricants can also damage other condom materials, such as polyisoprene, so you should always read the directions on the box before using them together.

Oil-based lubricants can also trap bacteria and other bacteria in the vagina and anus by creating a water-repellent layer that is difficult to clean. This can lead to infections, especially in those prone to bacterial vaginosis and/or yeast infections. For this, you might stick to a topical oil-based lube.

Our Pick: Smooth Silk

mixed lubricating oil

This is the best of both worlds! To address the problems posed by different types of lubricants made from a single base oil, many brands have created so-called blended lubricants.

It is usually a mixture of water and a silicone-based lubricant. Hybrid lubes last longer than water-based lubes alone, but are generally thinner than silicon-based lubes alone and are less invasive to the delicate vaginal ecosystem. This extra smoothness can make them a favorite of many users. Plus, milky white is perfect for injecting dildo and lube. Some lube blends claim to be safe for silicone toys because they contain a small amount of silicone that won’t damage the surface of the toy. Whether they are safe or not depends on the brand, as each brand has its own formula. However, we recommend that you exercise caution and keep them away from your silicone companion, or at least wash off the lube immediately after use.

What’s so special about anal lubricants?

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about anal lubricant, but what exactly is it and do you need it?

In short, yes. It’s a bit of a pain to buy two different types of lube, but we guarantee your ass will thank you.

Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. It’s naturally dry and doesn’t secrete anything when you wake up. This means that if you want to risk anal sex or sex, you’ll need to lube yourself, and there’s a lot more. Otherwise, you end up with friction and discomfort, and possibly even damage to the delicate tissue and around the anus. It’s the cause of pain, bleeding, infection, and all-around bad news.

Anal lube, regardless of the base oil chosen, is thicker than regular lube and usually more gel-like than regular lube. This provides extra cushioning for anal play and lasts longer, so it doesn’t need to be reapplied as often. Our favorites are Lovehoney’s Discover Anal Lube and Sliquid’s Sassy Anal Lube, both of which are water-based.

Also, because the pH of the anus is higher than that of the vagina, anal lubes sometimes have a higher pH balance. This makes them unsuitable for vaginal use (aka PIV or DIV sex), which is why we recommend getting two different lubes if you want to have fun with both.

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