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Adam visits Stonehenge to learn about its history and significance!

He’s speaking with Sue Martindale, the volunteer manager at Stonehenge, who explains that Stonehenge is a World Heritage site and the most sophisticated stone circle in the world.

We learn about the different types of stones used in Stonehenge and the celestial alignment that occurs during the solstice. Plus the various historical timelines surrounding Stonehenge, including mesolithic postholes and the construction of the henge monument.

The purpose of Stonehenge remains a mystery as there’s no written evidence or pictures from the time…

What is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire.

It consists of a ring of standing stones, each around 13 feet high, seven feet wide, and weighing approximately 25 tons.

The site is believed to have been constructed between 3000 BC and 2000 BC, although the exact purpose and methods of its construction remain a subject of debate among historians, archaeologists, and scientists!

The monument is aligned with the movements of the sun, and some theories suggest that it might have been used for astronomical or religious purposes, including rituals related to the solstices or as a burial site.

Stonehenge’s construction required significant planning, effort, and engineering prowess, considering the transportation and arrangement of the massive stones.

When is Stonehenge open?

Book your timed ticket to Stonehenge online to get the best price.

You can book tickets online until the start of your chosen arrival time.

You can also buy your ticket when you arrive, but you won’t get the discount, and at their busiest times you may need to wait to get in.

Book your tickets here

How much is Stonehenge?

Tickets vary in price according to on-peak, off-peak and standard times.

Where is Stonehenge?

πŸš— By car

Stonehenge is very clearly signposted from the A303, off the A360.

🚌 By bus

A hop-on hop-off tour bus to Stonehenge is operated by Salisbury Reds and picks up from Salisbury rail station, Salisbury city centre and Old Sarum.

🚝 By rail

Salisbury is the nearest train station with regular trains from London, Bristol/Bath and Southampton. From Salisbury station you can get a direct bus or taxi to Stonehenge.

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