Top 10 movies coming out in 2024!

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This week on Stream it Conor has his Top 10 movies that you need to be running to the cinema to see in 2024!


Ever dreamed of a movie made of your wildest dreams? In Your Dreams takes you on a fantastical journey through dreamscapes where talking trees dance with flying elephants and imagination knows no bounds! Prepare for gravity-defying twists, whimsical creatures, and adventures that’ll leave you questioning if you’re awake or still snoozing! This visually stunning film is a celebration of the limitless possibilities of our minds, reminding us that even the craziest dreams can lead to incredible adventures!


A timeless fairytale gets a magical makeover! Experience Snow White’s classic story in a live action remake! There is sure to be stunning scenery enchanting music, and a reminder that even the fairest one of them all needs friendship and a little help from 7 dwarfs!


The Wild Robot’s got nature lovers and robot geeks cheerin’! Get ready for a heart-warmin’ tale of friendship and learnin’ the ropes on a wild island! Meet Roz, a curious robot who crash-lands and gotta figure out how to survive with nothin’ but her whirring gears and a thirst for knowledge. Expect cuddly animal encounters, unexpected discoveries, and a reminder that even robots can find their place in the world, one acorn at a time!


Paddington in Peru! A marmalade adventure awaits in the land of llamas and alpacas! Join Paddington on a quest for a rare marmalade recipe, filled with new friends, hidden treasures, and endless kindness! Witness Paddington’s charm melt hearts from Cusco to Machu Picchu, reminding us that a little marmalade and a lot of kindness can conquer any obstacle, even a mountaintop of challenges!


Mufasa the Lion King! This prequel takes us back before Simba’s reign, exploring Mufasa’s rise to king! Witness his journey from playful cub to powerful leader, facing challenges, forming friendships, and learning the true meaning of Hakuna Matata (without the bugs, hopefully!). Prepare for breathtaking landscapes, thrilling battles, and a reminder that a king’s roar speaks volumes about his courage and compassion!


Lilo & Stitch! Ohana means family, and this adorable duo is back to prove it! Join Lilo & Stitch as they face challenges that test the strength of their bond, from mischievous experiments to family misunderstandings. But with their unwavering love and ohana by their side, they’ll overcome any obstacle, reminding us that true friendship can stitch together even the most unlikely of families!


We’re exploring Riley’s mind in Inside Out 2! Brace yourselves, because Riley’s emotions are goin’ bananas! This time, they’re wranglin’ new feelings like first crushes and stage fright, and let’s just say, things might get a little… well, explosive! Joy’s got the giggles, Sadness is preppin’ the waterworks, and Anger? Let’s just say fireworks ain’t got nothin’ on him! Buckle up for an emotional rollercoaster that’ll leave you laughin’, cryin’, and maybe even needin’ a nap!


Despicable Me 4! Minions, assemble! Gru’s back for more mayhem, bananas, and maybe even a new villain so dastardly, even the minions might need a brain blast (or five) to defeat! Get ready for gravity-defyin’ stunts, laugh-out-loud gadgets, and Gru’s grumpy charm in this side-splittin’ sequel!


Sonic the Hedgehog 3! Hold onto your quills, speed demons! Sonic’s back for round three, ready to race the clock, face off against Eggman’s newest diabolical contraptions, and maybe even discover some new faces from his speedy world! Buckle up for a blur of blue, adrenaline-pumpin’ adventure, and remember, sometimes the only way to save the day is to go at the speed of sound!


Garfield is back around in February! This winter, the lasagna-lovin’ cat’s on a mystery mission! Whispers rustle around his favorite napping spot – could it be buried treasure? A portal to a land where Mondays don’t exist? Join Garfield and his crew in this laugh-a-minute whodunit, where lasagna’s just the tip of the mystery iceberg!

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